Art Is a Way of Approaching Life

Art is a way of approaching life, of moving and speaking, of decorating a home and school and oneself, of selecting toys and books.

Children and Language

The acquisition of all languages spoken in the environment of the child begins in the womb before the child is born, and continues to be an

Making Music

**This article was originally published on** If you can walk, you can dance. If you can talk, you can sing. —Zimbabwe Proverb Making Music Everyone has a need to sing, dance, make music, and we can fulfill our own needs as we fulfill that of our child. It is important to eliminate background sounds—that the child at this age cannot screen out—and to make all sounds count. A child's musical taste is formed early in life so we should provide an consideration to the fact that we have a “double mind.” Children at any age must be offered a balanced experience of VERBAL and INTUITIVE thinking to help develop the great potential of the human mind. The results will not only inclu

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