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Why Start Montessori Preschool School At Three Years Old?

As Maria Montessori studied children she discovered that between birth and six, children have certain capabilities or sensitive periods for learning that will never again be so inviting to the young child.

Three-year-olds absorb concepts and ideas in unique ways that make this an ideal time to begin Montessori education.

Young children have an innate desire to emulate the people around them. This sensitive period indices the young learner to easily and naturally absorb each Montessori lesson presented. With great concentration and observation the child then tries to copy the exact order of the teacher’s presentation of the Montessori materials. Most beginning lessons are given in silence so the child will fully focus on the teacher’s movements.

Children repeat lessons they want to master. The teacher must let the child feel comfortable in repeating the lesson over and over until mastered.

In the Montessori classroom three-year-olds learn to concentrate on tasks for longer and longer periods of time – gradually increasing their attention span.

Once a lesson is mastered the child is ready to be introduced to the next concept in Montessori education.

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