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Our classrooms are alive with the energy of young learners! This vibrant community is built on the idea that every child is unique and valued. They each bring their special gifts to the table, and together, they learn and grow in a supportive environment. As Dr. Montessori said, "The education of even a very small child, therefore, does not only aim at preparing him for school but for life."


The Primary Montessori Class 

The Primary Montessori Class at The Children's Schoolhouse offers a nurturing environment where young learners can grow academically and emotionally. 


The Montessori Primary Class offers a high-quality individual academic experience, administered with an enthusiastic but gentle approach. 

Lessons are given in the spirit of joy instead of drudgery. 

The door to reading opens as soon as a child can decode a simple three-letter word. Handwriting is introduced as a part of the natural reading process. 


Mathematical concepts are introduced with the Montessori materials. This gives the young child a hands-on or concrete understanding of more abstract mathematical concepts. 

Each month, we explore a different continent and cultural themes alongside fascinating topics like famous artists, scientists, historical figures, poets, botany, lessons in Practical Life, and Grace and Courtesy. 


Beyond academics, the classroom buzzes with daily independent art activities, allowing the children to express themselves freely. We embrace the wonders of nature through outdoor exploration on campus and the playground. Watching a seed keep its promise of growth in our garden always amazes the children.

The Children love all the activities inside the gymnasium. 

Each day concludes with joyful music and moments, leaving the children energized and connected. 

The Children's Schoolhouse Singers perform twice yearly for parents and friends. The children practice all during the year for these stage performances. These are joyous occasions!

We welcome potty-trained children ages three and up. Enrollment is ongoing throughout the school year, based on availability. 

The children in this class may attend two, three, four, or five days a week. Dismissal is at 1:00. Older children may choose a 2:00 dismissal option.

Montessori Accelerated Junior Class / Transitional Kindergarten


The Montessori NC State Recognized Transitional Kindergarten and Accelerated Junior Class caters to kindergarten-age children who miss the Public School cut-off date and Primary children who are ready for more advanced work.

This class also serves children who may benefit from an extra year in the Accelerated Junior Class/Transitional Kindergarten program before entering a Public or private school Kindergarten.

Most parents find an extra year can benefit a child's educational success in future years. This program offers a challenging and stimulating curriculum. Our students dive into reading, writing, language, mathematics, geometrics, science, Marine science, art appreciation, geography, historical figures, and many more Montessori themes. 

The classroom comes alive with independent art activities, allowing children to express their creativity freely. 
Daily music and movement sessions keep them active and engaged. 

The Children's Schoolhouse Singers perform twice yearly for parents and friends. The children practice all during the year for these stage performances. These are joyous occasions. 
This class participates in set design for performance. 


The children in this class may attend three, four, or five days a week. This program offers two dismissal options; children may leave at 1 p.m. or stay until 2 p.m.

The Early Bird Reading Program is available for this class.

The late dismissal class time may be used as an extension of the morning work, extra lessons in reading and mathematics, special projects, or just enjoying classmates. 

Our Academic Approach

In our classrooms of children, there is a busy hum of activity. There is movement, concentration, work, socialization, and laughter. At the end of the day, most things are miraculously back in place, but the room does look as though it has been used. This is a cozy, "comfortable " neatness that reflects the joy of learning. 


Reading is taught phonetically. Individual daily lessons are given in the spirit of joy instead of drudgery. The door to reading opens as soon as a child can decode a simple three-letter word. A goal of the school is for children to love learning to read!

Handwriting is introduced as a natural part of the reading process. 



Music is an integral part of the daily classroom experience. Our students enjoy participating in rhythm games, singing, and exploring different musical instruments. They also learn about various music genres and styles. Each day ends in song and movement.

The Children's Schoolhouse Singers entertain parents and friends with stage performances during the Annual Christmas and Spring concerts. 


Art Appreciation & Art History

Art isn't just about painting and making crafts and sculpting. (Which we do plenty of!) Our students are introduced to many famous artists. Reproduction of great masterpieces inspires an appreciation of beauty at any age. 

Children are encouraged to explore a variety of art materials on a daily basis allowing them to develop their creativity and a deep appreciation of the arts. 



Mathematical concepts are introduced with the Montessori manipulative materials. This helps a child understand mathematical concepts in a concrete way in preparation before more abstract mathematical lessons are presented. This includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

By using these hands-on materials, children can develop a deeper understanding of subtraction and multiplication before moving on to more abstract concepts.

Practical Life 

Practical Life activities bring great joy to the children as they strive for independence. These activities include spooning, pouring, silver, brass, wood, and mirror polishing. The children take great pride in cleaning their work areas and classrooms.

Table setting and preparing a snack are also examples of Practical Life activities. 

Grace & Courtesy

Grace and Courtesy Lessons cover a wide range of skills such as opening and closing a door quietly, blowing one's nose, using polite phrases like "excuse me, "please, and thank you," greeting people, comforting friends when they are hurt or sad,.and saying Grace at mealtime. 


Role-playing is the most effective way to introduce these concepts in a fun and engaging manner. 

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