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Toddler Preschool Programs

“Education of even a very small child…does not aim at preparing him for school, but for life…” -Dr. Maria Montessori

The toddler program provides a small nurturing group experience to children ages two years up to three years. The toddler classroom is a very special environment, where the needs of the youngest preschool students are appreciated and cherished. The classroom is designed with small tables, Montessori materials and other items that all support the independence and growth of young preschool children.

The toddler classroom offers the traditional Montessori experience tailored for the younger child. Very young children are capable of absorbing information, concepts and skills from their surrounding and peers. A toddler program nurtures curiosity, creativity, imagination and respect for self and others.

Learning is developed through movement, manipulation, exploration and building on sensory experiences. Toddlers exercise order, coordination through language and socialization skills as they develop a sense of trust in peers and adults.

Music and movement art, practical life, lessons in grace and courtesy, mathematics, beginning phonics and many other Montessori concepts are introduced in the toddler class. A goal is for children to love to learn.

The most important thing to consider is that the child enjoys the work, for it is through enjoyable work the young child will repeat, focus and learn.

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